Blank Page

I probably forgot to mention that the only blogging I’ll be doing is when I have many other extremely important things to do.  Procrastination being as it is, the top skill on my CV.  And now seems like as good a time as any seeing as I have a 4,000 word case study to write, a 4,000 word research proposition to hash together, some supervision sessions to falsify, a business plan to prepare and an appointment with the bank manager to make.  And I should probably wash some socks at some point too.  Life is just one endless stream of difficult tasks.

Except January so far, has been quite tame.  If not a little bit nippy.  I mean yes, it’s involved polar bears and lime eating and half a tiger and being chased round Sainsbury’s by security men and plans for future adventure and new jobs and exciting news (that I can’t tell you) and scandalous gossip (that I definitely can’t tell you).  So it looks like I’ll have to spend the day being productive.  And there’s nothing I hate more than productivity.  Damn.

Image credit: tomswift46