Twenty Ten

January 1, 2010

Jeremy Clarkson

2009 was all different kinds of unexpected.  So it’s fitting really that 2010 was seen in mostly with conversations in and around (thank God not literally) Jeremy Clarkson’s testicles.  And was eased in (yes, this is Carry On Blogging) by Myleen Klass.  After a Christmas spent largely not drinking (please ignore all earlier blogs about alcohol)  I apparently managed to drink a whole bottle of wine.  And I know this because I can barely hear the screaming of police sirens outside (I live far too near Lewisham) over the sounds of my grumbling tummy.

Last night was, minus the testicles, all about the describing of words for nothing more than the pride and glory of the win.  It went something like this (please note these are serious answers):

Chris: Right, there are lots of them in Amsterdam and boats go down them.

Andrew: Prostitutes?

Claire and Holly: It’s an object, it’s green, like an onion but longer and the Welsh eat lots of them.

Nat: Garlic bread?

So anyway, what I’m trying to say, in a roundabout/mentally disturbing images kind of way is: Happy New Year.  And just so you know, it’s going to be fabulous.

Image credit: meivocis