Tea and Adventures

February 7, 2010

Italia chillies

If there’s one thing I learnt yesterday, it’s not to confuse the international sign language for coconuts with that for breasts.  It’s an important distinction.  I’d attempt to show you but fear the meaning would get lost somewhere in the text.

Yesterday myself and Holly had afternoon tea with the Adventurists.  At the Royal Geographic Society.  Which I understand doesn’t normally let people of the Northern persuasion (or least people from Accrington) through its doors.  We were most privileged.  It’s an extremely impressive building.  Started in 1830 as an institution to further the advancement of geographical science, it boasts famous names such as Livingstone, Scott and Hillary.  An awe-inspiring place to spend a chilly Saturday afternoon in February.  Not only was the talk by Lois Pryce incredibly inspirational, sparking off dreams of international travel in a floating rickshaw*, but the cake was bloody lovely.

It got me to thinking about risks.  And adventure.  I’ve always tried to live by the adage that it’s better to regret the things you do than the things you don’t do.  But sometimes the fear kicks in.  And it shouldn’t, because as the very beautiful Helena asked today, ‘What’s your biggest fear?  Fancy facing it? Go on – it’s only fear.”  She has a point.  And as Lois pointed out, if we did risk assessments for everything, we’d never leave the house.  Last year saw me taking the biggest risk and jump into the unexpected that I’d made for a very long time.  Yet it paid off for all concerned.  And taught me many a lesson in what it truly means to be happy.  And it was an adventure.  It didn’t involve new countries or impenetrable languages where signing is your only option (see above).  But it was certainly life altering.  My plans for the future are ever-changing.  Perhaps I spent too much of my childhood reading The Famous Five, dreaming of having adventures and ginger beer, but whatever happens in twenty ten facing fears and having adventures is certainly top of my list of priorities.

*Note for my Mum: At no point would I consider this.  Ever.  I mean, absolutely, definitely, probably not.

Image credit: @_linco