Inside the belly of the beast

June 2, 2010


If you’re going to watch comedy then there can be few better places to see it than inside a large, plastic, purple, inverted cow on the banks of the Thames.  Udderbelly has arrived on the South Bank.  Replete with a Magners field, giant Connect 4 and deck chairs (knotted hankies not supplied).  From now until 18th July, it will be playing host to the best and not-so-best of the Edinburgh Fringe festival previews.

Danny Bhoy took to the belly of the cow on Friday night.  A man who is, “half Indian and half Scottish, which means that unlike most Scottish people I don’t get sunburnt watching fireworks.” I’ve been a fan of Danny Bhoy for, “one…or even two world cups”.  For a man who rarely uses bad language and does a great line in self-depreciation, he’s still managed to piss off Letterman, swear at the Queen, upset God and, more importantly, Matt Damon.  His observations on life and people are accurate, funny and poignant – recently bemoaning TFL for shutting tube stations because of defective escalators, “surely a defective escalator just turns into a set of stairs?”.  He tells beautifully crafted stories that become well honed tangents with the occasional sideline in the visual subtleties of line dancing, sick cats and blow drying geckos.

However, as the fan with a You Tube addiction who is in full time employment, I could have recited half the gig from memory.  Which meant my very patient companion had to sit through some of the best punchlines that I’d already ruined earlier over copious amounts of lager in the field.

Despite this, if there is one comedian I could recommend this year it would be him.  And as long as you never take me to see gigs with you, I can guarantee that you’ll have a marvelous time.


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