The Six Days of Christmas – Day Six

December 31, 2009

Father Christmas

Was woken by a combination of brain shattering sunshine penetrating through the curtains and my caffeine angel Jen far too early.  It was 11am and we had an appointment with Father Christmas.  At Harrods.  But not before I experienced how showers feel when there is absolutely no hot water left.  The perfect thing for a hangover.

Myself and Jen (still, by all accounts leaking alcohol out of our eyeballs, skin and breath) skated to the train station with her brother Chris and his girlfriend Mayyah.  Chris is a Christmas elf at Harrods.  He was carrying a bag containing nothing but wigs.

On route I ate a mint Aero in an attempt to firstly soak up some alcohol and second disguise my Vodka breath.   I didn’t want Father Christmas thinking I was a bad girl.  My Dad always told me I’d get a stocking full of ashes if I was naughty (and I remember one year considering being naughty just to find out what that was).

We arrive at Harrods and they let me in despite carrying last nights clothes in a Primark bag.  Being VIP’s we went straight in to see Father Christmas who showed us his invisible robin. We requested variously a My Little Pony Castle, some Sylvanian Families and seven puppies. He asked us if we’d like a photo.  The result is the above.  Not pictured are the brilliant badges and chocolate coins we also received.

Continued to wander round Harrods complaining about sore feet, dehydrated heads, people who can afford to pay £4,000 for a puppy and trying hard not to kill tourists.  Before wandering in a dazed stupor around Victoria bus station trying to remember where the hell the bus went from.  The drying out process begins here.  Merry Christmas.


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